Al-Adha begins, the muslim festival of slit throats

This Friday, 26th of October, muslims all over the world will begin celebrating their holiday of sacrifice during which they slaughter tens of millions of cows, camels, lambs letting them bleed to death while conscious so that their sons can wet their feet in the animals blood.

This is to commemorate Abraham’s loyalty to God. Such unconditional loyalty moved Abraham to sacrifice his own son, as God ordered, only to stop his hand and prevent the murder the last minute and sacrifice the ram instead. In the 21st century one could call it a deficiency in human thinking rather than a reason for celebration.

Not so for muslims, however, who are so fascinated by Abraham’s submission to God. Moreover their love for blood and knives makes this one of their most enjoyed holidays.

Our exclusive newswoman is reporting about the atmosphere of this perverted festival of “the readers of a very strange book” directly from Kahira, the home of the eternally immature students of local infamous high school Al-Azhar.

“Eid a adha, the first day of sacrifice, will be on the 26thy, this Friday. Understand that all over the place, the town, the village, simply everywhere, the desperate shrieks of slaughtered animals, blood everywhere, cut heads, cut legs, pieces of skin and putred stench of dead animal bodies mixed with the joy of brainwashed primitives who submit their own children to this bloody show is simply a fantastic event. That is what muslims need three days for. The celebration ends on the 29th.

The most popular for this bloody sacrifice are lambs, goats, camels, sheep, and cows. Two weeks ahead they are already being sold in the streets. It looks like the villages and farmers are moving to the town. On the main 6-lanes road the unnecessary but never ending loud horn honking (do they know any different?) the vendors are selling their small flocks and herds standing in the sun and without the water to the blood thirsty worshippers. DIS-GUS-TING!

How can they be so cruel, so insensitive, so numb? Well, what is to become of one who from a tender age is shown that the agony of bleeding animals all around is so much fun – especially when one can waddle barefoot in the pools of blood?”

Last week 5000 sheep were shipped to France from the Brittish Ramsgate so they can be slaughtered while fully conscious.

Al-Adha in real:


Insensitivity training of muslim children:



























How can I help?

  • Should you see muslims killing an animal in public or in private without making it unconscious first, make a video or a photo of it and call 112. It is illegal. You can call the police, have them charged with crime. Only specified enterprises have permission for Kosher or Halal killing, not private citizens.
  • The bad news is that your sheep breeder is most likely to be involved in Al-Adha byznys and sells live stock to the muslims. Convince him to sell them few cans of pork ajka spread instead.
  • Share this knowledge and information with your friends and relatives.

Where is this celebrated in Czech Republic?

  • Wherever muslims dwell: Prague, Brno, Teplice, Hradec Kralove and many other places. Unlike in France they are afraid to do this publicly but do not shy away from killing in their backyards after they buy live stock from the breeders.
  • In Prague the local muslim community rented Sparta Arena, Podvinny mlyn::