Protest against business relations with theocratic Saudi Arabia

We bring you a complete report from Nov 5, 2014 protest against trading with theocratic Saudi Arabia, which always adds something ‘extra’ to the trade – that is Islam.
Since islamic law requires Muslims to pay a portion of proceeds to islamic charities from every trade transaction, billions of dollars have been already used for promoting and advancing islam by rebuilding mosques, building madrassas, as well as financing islamic opposition and supporting the suicide bombers widows.

Islamic charities range as wide as reviewing, editing and publishing social studies textbooks rewriting history from an islamic angle. Those are currently used in western countries many public schools.

In terms of democracy Saudi Arabia is fully comparable with North Korea and is far behind China and Russia, countries so often eagerly criticized by politicians.

Despite having learned about this Saudi trade meeting on a very short notice and thus starting to disseminate the information and the invitation to participate in the protest only one day in advance we are happy to report that as many as 28 people showed up in support against Saudi influence and capital.

The official part of the protest took place between 16:30 to cca 18:30, there were speeches, eloquent banners, and a flag imitating the official flag of Saudi Arabia with the text : ,, ISLAM IS A LIE, MUHAMMAD IS A CRIMINAL, KORAN IS A POISON”, which the Saudis did not like indeed. One even stepped out of the limousine and frankly started swearing at us.

Alas, we did not understand him.
Pamphlets with summation of our arguments were distributed to the passers-by and have made many of them think about it.

One anti Islam sticker made it onto the diplomatic car – our hopes high they might start getting the message. These are our humble beginnings. We are novices in a public sociopolitical arena and no sly politician or coy businessman will dictate to us their mantra.

It was rather curious how the politically correct wifes of those businessmen carefully avoided the subject of Islam as well as implications of the constitutionally established sharia law in Saudi Arabia should they or their daughters be raped. As if accusations of forbidden sex, imprisonment, public flogging, and lack of four male witnesses to the rape were just a heresay.

What seemed to have mattered most to these wives were the attention getter gift bags from the Saudi misogynists and….you guessed it!…..the downtrodden human rights in China. That is what they talked about swaying attention away from our expressed concerns.

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