V ČR byl/je potenciálně rizikový salafista!

Podobně jako u Haithama al Haddada hrozí radikalizace české muslimské komunity.
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So lets educate Mr. Okamura (who in the previous elections only had less than 7% of votes) about a few facts. I don’t normally write about politics or like politics, so before I start, let me state that I have travelled to more than 30+ towns inside Czech, lived here for a few months, and even have family here and love this country, and I will give you a perspective that you probably won’t see, Mr. Okamura, as you sit in your office in Prague without a touch with the real people or the real issues:

1- First of all, the percentage of Muslims in Czech is less than 0.3% of the population, of which the vast majority of them are not refugees, but actually highly skilled senior programmers at IBM, which hired them from Muslim countries because your own universities aren’t producing enough qualified senior programmers, and without them, your IT infrastructure would completely collapse. Do you want to fix your education system Mr. Okamura so you don’t need more Muslims?

2- He himself came here as immigrant, where in his home country he worked as dust cleaner (no disrespect), and he came to Czech for a better life, just like those immigrants who came here, except that those Muslims are much more qualified than him when he arrived looking for opportunity. Also your own people, the wonderful Japanese, have fled WW2 to Brazil as refugees, and there is still over 1.5 million of them living there. Am I missing something?

3- I just wonder, if the same sign said “No to Jews,” would he even be able to continue the political race? Well guess what, your own country has a large concentration camp for Jews in Terezin. Did you learn anything from your history Mr. Okamura? did you also learn from the history of your mother country, the Japanese concentration camps during WW2 in the US and Canada? Do you want to repeat history to another group by blaming all your problems on them?

4- I always wondered, how could someone who came from the most well mannered country on earth, Japan, have so much hate? My guess was that he probably got bullied in school and developed hate, so I went to read his biography and guess what I found? My intuition was correct. He was bullied so much because he is a visibile minority that he actually stuttered until the age of 20. Humans are not born hateful, but they learn to hate, and many of those hateful politicians when they are finally in power, they try to take revenge on vulnerable groups because of those deep childhood problems. Add on your agenda: More psychologists in schools, and more education about tolerance!

5- Now lets come to the real issues in Czech that politicians need to fix:
— Your public transportation system is archaic. You are still using ticket machines from the communist era that needs to be punched in on paper, when there are many countries that are much more poor than Czech using electronic cards for tickets. I once spent half an hour to get money change because those machines only accept coins and not cards or even paper money. Perhaps that’s a good start for you Mr. Okamura?
— Or how about the cellular phone networks that always cut off on main roads when I’m travelling between major cities in your country?
— or broken facilities in your public hospitals which I visited?
— or how about the fact that 73% of your population cannot communicate in any language other than their native language, and as a result they are completely cut off from the rest of the world?
– How about the fact that research showed that your country is the most racist country in Europe? Does that fact make you proud Mr. Okamura? Do you want to perhaps teach or preach more tolerance?
– Another research showed that your country is the most unhealthy in Europe, thanks to the highest consumption of pork and alcohol per capita. Do you know who could help you with this Mr. Okamura? The Muslims. Learn from their diet, and improve your health care education!
– Your elder people are suffering, because during the communist era, they couldn’t save enough money for retirement. Do you want to help them? Well guess what? Islam teaches us to take care of our parents and grandparents, and it’s a religious obligation. Perhaps you can learn something from your minority?

6- My final advice to you, leave the productive 30,000+ Muslims of your population alone as you need them more than they need you, and focus on the other 99.7% who need your help with the real issues. Make peace with your sad past and stop bullying. And before you tell Muslims to go back to their countries, perhaps you should take that advice and go back to learn from the great manners of the wonderful Japanese people!

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