Více, než 1100 mrtvých za 30 dní… a média mlčí…

Vyšlo na IVČRN dne 8.5.2016 (link)


Za posledních 30 dní zemřelo skrze islámský terorismus 1181 lidí. Už pár měsíců nejsou islámské teroristické útoky téměř vůbec zmiňovány v českých médiích…

Zdroj: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx?Yr=Last30

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2016.05.08 Egypt Helwan 8 0 Eight local cops are machine-gunned point-blank while sitting in a bus.
2016.05.06 Bangladesh Satkhira 1 0 The caretaker for a Hindu temple is stabbed to death by a Muslim gang.
2016.05.06 Afghanistan Zabul 4 1 Four small children from the same family are vaporized by Taliban bombers.
2016.05.05 Syria Homs 12 49 A dozen people are modularized by a pair of Fedayeen suicide bombers, including four children and three women.
2016.05.05 Turkey Kilis 1 8 A 5-year-old girl bleeds to death following an ISIS rocket attack on her neighborhood.
2016.05.04 Syria Khween 15 0 Four children are among fifteen civilians murdered by Jabhat al-Nusra.
2016.05.03 DRC Beni 34 0 ADF Islamists hack and slash thirty-four Christian villagers to death in their own homes.
2016.05.02 Iraq Baghdad 18 45 Eighteen Shiite pilgrims are reduced to pulp by a Sunni car bomb.
2016.05.02 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four young Yazidi women are dragged to the public square and shot in the head for trying to escape sex slavery.
2016.05.01 Turkey Gaziantep 2 23 An ISIS suicide car bombers detonates at a police station, killing two officers.
2016.05.01 Iraq Samawa 38 86 Several children are among over three dozen dead when two suicide car bomb blasts go off in different areas.
2016.04.30 Iraq Dora 23 48 A Sunni suicide bomber sends two dozen Shiite pilgrims straight to Allah.
2016.04.30 Pakistan Oghi 1 0 A woman is honor killed by her family over a sexual affair.
2016.04.30 Bangladesh Gopalpur 1 0 A Hindu tailor is hacked to death for ‘slurring the Prophet’.
2016.04.29 Iraq Baiji 11 12 Four suicide car bombers kill eleven Iraqis.
2016.04.29 Iraq Makhoul 3 2 Three local cops are taken out by an ISIS suicide bomber.
2016.04.29 Syria Aleppo 15 30 At least fifteen worshippers are killed when Sunnis shell a rival mosque during Friday prayers.
2016.04.29 Dagestan Shamil 1 0 A retired man is murdered by suspected Islamists.
2016.04.28 Syria Manbij 2 0 Two young men are beheaded by ISIS.
2016.04.28 Syria Aleppo 6 43 Terrorists shell an Armenian district, killing six residents.
2016.04.28 Thailand Yala 1 5 A Muslim bomb targeting military engineers on a humanitarian mission leaves one dead.
2016.04.28 Iraq Tuz Khurmatu 1 0 A Shiite militia sniper picks off a teenager from a distance.
2016.04.28 Afghanistan Herat 1 1 Suspected Taliban shoot a man to death and wound his 7-year-old son.
2016.04.28 Pakistan Fareed 1 0 A teenage girl is beaten and then stabbed to death after disregarding her conservative brother’s instructions not to talk to boys.
2016.04.28 Afghanistan Laghman 5 3 The Taliban kill five local cops in two separate terror attacks.
2016.04.27 Afghanistan Mehtarlam 3 0 A police officer turns fundamentalist and shoot three others in the back.
2016.04.27 Iraq Mosul 28 0 Twenty-eight civilians are executed for trying to flee the caliphate.
2016.04.27 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 7 Two patrons are laid out by a Mujahideen bomb blast at a popular market.
2016.04.27 Pakistan Shopian 1 0 Islamic militants gun down a shopkeeper.
2016.04.27 Pakistan Pir Mahal 1 0 A Christian boy is lynched for flirting with a Muslim girl.
2016.04.27 Egypt al-Arish 3 8 Three local cops are brought down by an al-Qaeda affiliate.
2016.04.27 Syria Aziziye 4 25 Four innocents lose their lives to Sunni shrapnel.
2016.04.26 Philippines Jolo 1 0 The severed head of a Canadian retiree is found seven months after his capture by Abu Sayyaf.
2016.04.26 Syria al-Zahra 19 120 Sunni hardliners pour rocket fire into a small town, killing at least sixteen civilians – including children.
2016.04.26 Somalia Baidoa 8 13 Islamists fire an RPG into a government convoy, killing eight occupants.
2016.04.26 Iraq Faysaliya 7 0 Seven civilians are reportedly drowned in metal cages by a Sharia court.
2016.04.25 Iraq Salahiya 3 0 Three women are executed for refusing to blow themselves up at a refugee camp.
2016.04.25 Iraq Tahrir 7 0 A family of seven, including two women and a 6-year-old, are pulled from their home and shot in the head by Islamic State loyalists.
2016.04.25 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four young people are arrested at a university and then burned alive by caliphate members.
2016.04.25 Bangladesh Kashimpur 1 0 A man is shot in front of a pharmacy at close range by Islamic militants.
2016.04.25 Nigeria Enugu 48 60 Forty-eight people are reported dead after Muslim terrorists attack their village, hacking, shooting, and burning their homes and church.
2016.04.25 Iraq Baghdad 7 32 An ISIS suicide bomber massacres seven people in a shopping district.
2016.04.25 Syria Aleppo 2 6 Two civilians are reduced to rubble by a Sunni rocket attack on a café district.
2016.04.25 Thailand Yala 2 Two rubber traders are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
2016.04.25 Iraq Baghdad 11 39 Eleven people standing outside a cinema in a Shiite district are eliminated by Sunni extremists.
2016.04.25 Thailand Narathiwat 1 11 A 33-year-old dies from wounds following a Muslim bomb blast.
2016.04.25 Syria Sayyida Zeinab 6 42 A car bomb strikes a Shiite mosque, killing six bystanders.
2016.04.25 Bangladesh Dhaka 2 0 A gay rights magazine editor is stabbed to death along with a companion by five men shouting praises to Allah.
2016.04.24 Iraq Roufa 6 8 Six Iraqis are laid out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.04.24 Iraq Baghdad 2 2 Suicide bombers kill two guards outside a rival mosque.
2016.04.24 Turkey Kilis 2 26 Two civilians are torn to shreds by an ISIS rocket.
2016.04.24 Syria Aleppo 11 0 al-Qaeda linked militant send mortars into a residential neighborhood, killing eleven.
2016.04.24 Afghanistan Helmand 2 2 Two lives are extinguished by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.04.24 Yemen Mukalla 7 14 Seven security personnel are blown up by al-Qaeda bombers.
2016.04.24 Nigeria Alau 30 0 Thirty herdsmen and their families are massacred by Boko Haram.
2016.04.24 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim ‘insurgents’ gun down a guard at a bank.
2016.04.23 Bangladesh Tungipara 1 0 A 75-year-old Hindu is stabbed to death over his religion by a young Muslim.
2016.04.23 Bangladesh Rajshahi 1 0 An ‘atheist’ professor is hacked to death by Islamists.
2016.04.23 Iraq Baghdad 10 28 A suicide car bomber successfully kills ten Iraqis.
2016.04.23 Libya Brega 1 7 A guard at an oil plant is gunned down by ISIS.
2016.04.23 Syria Damascus 1 1 A woman bleeds out following a Sunni mortar attack on a refugee camp.
2016.04.23 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 A Shahid suicide bomber snuffs out four souls in a suburb.
2016.04.23 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two women are dragged to a market and executed by ISIS.
2016.04.23 Iraq Garma 4 15 Four locals are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2016.04.23 Syria Idlib 4 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders four rivals.
2016.04.22 Syria Raqqa 1 0 Video shows fundamentalists beheading a man with a necklace bomb.
2016.04.22 Iraq Mosul 161 0 One-hundred and sixty-one more Yazidi women and girls than previously reported are executed for refusing sex slavery.
2016.04.22 Pakistan Pir Baba 1 0 A Sikh activist is assassinated by Islamists.
2016.04.22 Iraq Dukok 3 0 Three Yazidi sex slaves are killed trying to flee captivity.
2016.04.22 Turkey Kilis 4 0 An ISIS rocket claims the lives of four people, including a 14-year-old boy.
2016.04.22 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A magician is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.04.22 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 9 Islamist bombers murder two people.
2016.04.22 Iraq Baghdad 9 25 At least nine worshippers at a Shiite mosque are blown to bits by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2016.04.21 Iraq Ramadi 6 0 ISIS members booby-trap the homes of civilians, killing six.
2016.04.21 Afghanistan Kunar 2 4 Two local cops are murdered by Taliban bombers.
2016.04.21 Nigeria Banki 7 9 Two women and their babies are among seven people exterminated by two suicide bombers at a refugee camp.
2016.04.21 Iraq Madain 2 8 Two people at a café lose their lives to Mujahid bombers.
2016.04.21 Iraq Baghdad 6 20 A half-dozen Iraqis are shot or blown up in a series of attacks by Muslim terrorists.
2016.04.21 Somalia Baay 6 0 al-Shabaab bombers take out six AU peacekeepers.
2016.04.20 Iraq Hawija 2 1 An 11-year-old girl is among two Yazidi girls killed while trying to escape caliphate sex slavery.
2016.04.20 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Jihadis bomb a popular market, killing two patrons.
2016.04.20 Nigeria Zango 11 6 Boko Haram gunmen fire into a village, then at fleeing residents, taking out eleven.
2016.04.20 Iraq Nineveh 14 0 Seven employees at a police station and seven more at a market are executed by caliphate members.
2016.04.20 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Sharia proponents throw five accused homosexuals to their deaths from the roof of a building.
2016.04.20 Pakistan Orangi 7 0 Islamic militants brutally murder seven guards for an polio vaccination team.
2016.04.20 Syria Yarmouk 20 0 Twenty Palestinians at a refugee camp are reportedly beheaded by ISIS.
2016.04.20 Syria Aleppo 1 2 Sunni snipers pick off a Shiite woman.
2016.04.20 Thailand Songkhla 1 11 A 62-year-old is killed, and an 11-year-old boy is among the injured, when Muslim militants set off a bomb at a grocery.
2016.04.20 Egypt Sinai 6 12 Beit Ansar al-Maqdis members fire a missile at a police convoy, killing six officers.
2016.04.20 Iraq Ramadi 40 0 Women and children are among forty victims of Islamic State execution found in a mass grave.
2016.04.19 Iraq Makhmour 13 18 Thirteen Kurds are killed following an ISIS chemical attack.
2016.04.19 Afghanistan Kabul 64 347 Over sixty are killed when religious extremists stage a massive attack on a government building that begins with a suicide bombing.
2016.04.19 Pakistan Mardan 1 23 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out one person at a tax office.
2016.04.19 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 3 8 Fundamentalists exterminate three local cops with an RPG.
2016.04.19 Pakistan Dhok Lona 4 0 A conservative Muslims shoots his own daughter and three other family members to death in an honor killing.
2016.04.19 Thailand Songkhla 1 11 A child is among the casualties of an Islamic ‘separatist’ bomb blast outside a grocery store.
2016.04.19 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Jihadis set off a bomb outside a row of shops, killing two passersby.
2016.04.18 Iraq Abu Karma 1 5 A boy on a farm is disassembled by a terrorist mortar shell.
2016.04.18 Syria Kefraya 3 5 An ISIS rocket ends the lives of three children.
2016.04.18 Syria Hama 2 3 Two civilians bleed to death after their neighborhood is hit with a Sunni rocket attack.
2016.04.18 Turkey Kilis 4 6 Three children are among four people cut to ribbons by ISIS shrapnel.
2016.04.18 Israel Jerusalem 0 21 An Hamas suicide bomber detonates on a passenger bus.
2016.04.18 Somalia Mogadishu 4 0 An Islamist shooting and suicide blast leaves four civilians dead.
2016.04.18 Egypt al-Arish 2 11 Religious radicals murder two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2016.04.17 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A photojournalist and his brother are pulled from their home and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.04.17 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is beheaded and crucified by the Islamic State.
2016.04.17 Pakistan Zakha Khel 1 0 A guard is killed when a suicide bomber tries to enter a bazaar.
2016.04.17 Yemen Aden 4 2 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills four people at a checkpoint.
2016.04.17 Somalia Mogadishu 1 1 Suspected al-Shabaab gun down a cleaning woman outside the UN headquarters.
2016.04.16 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 An imam at a mosque is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2016.04.16 Bahrain Karbabad 1 2 Shiite radicals are suspected of burning a police officer alive.
2016.04.16 Iraq Tarmiya 2 4 Two Iraqis are murdered by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.04.16 Germany Essen 0 3 ISIS-inspired teens bomb a Sikh wedding.
2016.04.15 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A man is beheaded for alleged ‘sorcery’.
2016.04.15 Libya Benghazi 6 25 Six Libyans are taken out by a suicide bomber at a cement factory.
2016.04.15 Libya Benghazi 2 3 An ISIS car bomb near a cemetery leaves two dead.
2016.04.14 Afghanistan Takhar 8 0 Taliban ambush and murder eight local security personnel.
2016.04.14 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 7 Two people at a market are sectionalized by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2016.04.13 Libya Misrata 1 4 A security guard is killed during an ISIS drive-by.
2016.04.13 Turkey Kilis 2 8 Two lives are cut short by an ISIS rocket attack on a small town.
2016.04.12 Mali Tessalit 3 1 Three French peacekeepers are reduced to pulp by an Islamist landmine.
2016.04.12 Iraq Madain 3 5 Three people are torn limb from limb by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2016.04.12 Turkey Gaziantep 1 0 A journalist dies after being shot in the head by Islamists.
2016.04.12 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Caliphate members execute a university student in front of his home.
2016.04.12 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three women at a market are forced to their knees and shot in the head by the Islamic State.
2016.04.12 Pakistan Sabzi Mandi 1 2 Taliban militants kill a government employee in a targeted attack.
2016.04.12 Libya Bani Waleed 7 2 Seven others die after an attack by ISIS gunmen.
2016.04.12 Philippines Butig 2 4 Two sawmill workers are beheaded by Muslim extremists.
2016.04.12 Yemen Aden 5 7 A Shahid suicide bomber sends five other souls to Allah.
2016.04.12 Thailand Mae Lan 3 0 A Buddhist monk is among three Thais murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2016.04.11 Nigeria Gashak 44 0 Fulani terrorists invade two villages and massacre over forty residents.
2016.04.11 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A secular-leaning party activist is assassinate in a tea room by suspected fundamentalists.
2016.04.11 Afghanistan Wesh 7 0 A Taliban in police uniform murders seven border guards.
2016.04.11 Afghanistan Kabul 14 38 A suicide bomber on a motorcycle slaughters fourteen people.
2016.04.11 Somalia Mogadishu 5 7 Children are among those killed by an al-Shabaab bomb blast outside a restaurant.
2016.04.11 Thailand Songkla 2 8 A 4-year-old boy is among two killed when Muslim terrorists bomb a train station.
2016.04.11 Turkey Kilis 1 11 A 74-year-old man dies from injuries suffered from ISIS rocket shrapnel.
2016.04.10 Iraq Hit 6 12 An Islamic State suicide bomber targets fleeing families, killing six members.
2016.04.10 Nigeria Abraka 1 0 A 52-year-old university staffer is shot twice in the head by militant Muslims.
2016.04.10 Iraq Zab 6 4 ISIS landmines take out a half dozen civilians.
2016.04.10 Syria Azaz 20 0 Twenty civilians are reported killed when ISIS members assault several small towns.
2016.04.09 Philippines Bula 1 0 Ansar al Khilafah members behead a 43-year-old non-Muslim.
2016.04.09 Yemen Ahwar 19 0 Nineteen local soldiers are ambushed, captured and beheaded by al-Qaeda.
2016.04.09 Somalia Mogadishu 6 5 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber rams a busy restaurant, taking out six bystanders.
2016.04.09 Syria Damascus 4 0 Four cement workers are murdered on account of their being members of the Druze religious minority.
2016.04.09 Syria Darb Hassan 6 3 A half-dozen children are disassembled by an ISIS landmine.
2016.04.09 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 Jihadis bomb a popular market, killing two patrons.
2016.04.09 Iraq Albu Bali 4 10 A suicide car bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2016.04.09 Iraq Madain 4 18 Mujahid bombers murder four young people at a soccer match.
2016.04.09 Philippines Basilan 18 53 Abu Sayyaf ambush and kill eighteen local security personnel, some of which are beheaded.
2016.04.08 Somalia Hamar Weyne 3 10 Islamists send mortars into a seaside district, killing three residents.
2016.04.08 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three Shiites are gunned down by Sunnis after Friday prayers, including a father and son.